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For some brilliant reason we decided to spend nearly 2 years building a search tool that makes our sound library easier to use. We felt this search tool became a must have when Brendan decided to build the new Abstract Pack. The Abstract Pack has become a monster pack with probably way too many whooshes. The search tool is built to navigate this massive amount of similar sounds. A, “Whoosh,” isn’t an all encompassing description. Is it aggressive, subtle, high pitched, low pitched, long, short, etc…?? Finding the perfect sounds requires more than a single search filter.

So we set out to build a search tool that makes this filtering quick and easy. Now you can start with a, “Whoosh,” but after 5-10 of seconds of filtering you can nail down the perfect variation of a, “Whoosh.”

Brendan is the audio expert in our project and he took the lead on the exact filtering concepts in the app. It was difficult to narrow to it down but the final filering settled on:

  • Intensity
  • Pitch
  • Direction
  • Shape
  • Length

This filtering process can work by using all 5, or just 1 filter. If you know the movement is directionally left to right, you can just work with that filter. Or if the movement is very short, just start with that filter and work backwards. This system was created with visual artists, and especially motion designers, in mind.

Finding the perfect sound effects for motion graphics happens to be in our wheel house, and this search tool is the sum of years of effort. We hope it helps you find the right sounds for your productions!

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