Motion Sound

What is Motion Sound

Motion Sound Vol 1 is the first and only comprehensive sound design kit created specifically to meet the complex needs of motion graphics producers. From accents and wooshes, to zips, beeps, and boings, you'll have everything you need to create your next animation, infographic, or explainer video

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Hand-crafted quality

Motion Sound is made by a team of world class foley artists and motion design professionals. Each sound is lovingly and meticulously created from scratch, using modern and classic techniques to capture the perfect essence of each sound concept.

Huge selection

2100+ unique sounds, across 3 families, 59 categories, and 200+ purpose-driven concepts. That's not just a lot of sounds, it's a grand unified theory of motion sound, devised by professionals from years of experience.

We call it the periodic table of motion sound design, and each sound is organized alongside its neighbors, variations, and counterparts, for fast and easy layering and customization.

1.1 Digital

We live in a complex world of gadgets. The digital has become common place and visual artists are asked to communicate in the modern language of the day. This comprehensive kit of sound covers a wide ranging number of elements and concepts. From the sound of data streaming, to electricity zapping and pulsing, to digital buttons pressing and reacting. The digital kit is for anyone who creates high-tec visuals, is designing UI experiences, or is looking to produce a sci-fi work of fiction.

  • 620+

  • $159

    Digital-only price
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  • 1.1.1 ...

    2 concepts, 14 files

  • 1.1.2 ...

    3 concepts, 22 files

  • 1.1.3 ...
    Cute Bleeps

    1 concept, 26 files

  • 1.1.4 ...
    Digital Woosh

    7 concepts, 69 files

  • 1.1.5 ...
    Error Messages

    5 concepts, 48 files

  • 1.1.6 ...
    Laser Beam

    1 concepts, 12 files

  • 1.1.7 ...
    Power Up/Down

    3 concepts, 17 files

  • 1.1.8 ... MotionSound_Guide_V4

    2 concepts, 33 files

  • 1.1.9 ...
    Rise & Fall

    2 concepts, 48 files

  • 1.1.10 ... MotionSound_Guide_V4
    Robot Chatter

    1 concept, 4 files

  • 1.1.11 ... MotionSound_Guide_V4

    7 concepts, 109 files

  • 1.1.12 ...

    1 concept, 5 files

  • 1.1.13 ... MotionSound_Guide_V4

    3 concepts, 14 files

  • 1.1.14 ...
    UI Concepts

    10 concepts, 203 files

1.2 Life

The world around us is full of sounds. From the cha-ching of a cash register, to the sound of footsteps on a hardwood floor, our world is full of rich detail. This kit looks to provide the elements of everyday life, so that you can tell your stories with the richess they need, to draw the audience in. This kit can be a staple for any motion designer who ever has to touch on money, time, people, writing, and much more.

  • 975+

  • $199

    Life-only price
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  • 1.2.1 ...

    5 concepts, 49 files

  • 1.2.2 ...

    7 concepts, 16 files

  • 1.2.3 ...

    2 concepts, 9 files

  • 1.2.4 ...

    3 concepts, 35 files

  • 1.2.5 ...

    6 concepts, 21 files

  • 1.2.6 ...

    2 concepts, 26 files

  • 1.2.7 ... Untitled-1

    2 concepts, 26 files

  • 1.2.8 ... Untitled-2

    9 concepts, 463 files

  • 1.2.9 ...

    1 concept, 4 files

  • 1.2.10 ...

    3 concepts, 10 files

  • 1.2.11 ...

    3 concepts, 13 files

  • 1.2.12 ...

    2 concepts, 18 files

  • 1.2.13 ...

    3 concepts, 110 files

  • 1.2.14 ...

    2 concepts, 10 files

  • 1.2.15 ...

    4 concepts, 13 files

  • 1.2.16 ...

    6 concepts, 158 files

1.3 Essentials

Bread and butter concepts that can serve as a foundation in your sound design toolkit. This kit will bring you the wooshes, ramps and flutters that will inevitably make their way into your timeline, for a wide range of projects. Created by world class sound design artists, with the help of professional motion designers, this kit should serve as a go to for many of your projects.

  • 700+

  • $179

    Essentials-only price
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  • 1.3.1 ...

    5 concepts, 93 files

  • 1.3.2 ...

    6 concepts, 105 files

  • 1.3.3 ... MotionSound_Guide_V4

    2 concepts, 20 files

  • 1.3.4 ...

    6 concepts, 33 files

  • 1.3.5 ...

    3 concepts, 95 files

  • 1.3.6 ...
    POV Pan

    5 concepts, 43 files

  • 1.3.7 ...

    5 concepts, 14 files

  • 1.3.8 ...

    1 concept, 5 files

  • 1.3.9 ...

    3 concepts, 12 files

  • 1.3.10 ...

    5 concepts, 30 files

  • 1.3.11 ...

    2 concepts, 10 files

  • 1.3.12 ... MotionSound_Guide_V4

    3 concepts, 92 files

  • 1.3.13 ...

    5 concepts, 47 files

  • 1.3.14 ...

    3 concepts, 117 files

  • Motion Sound

    Vol. 1
  • 2100+

  • $159 + $199 + $179 = $537


    complete library price

Includes 900MB of sounds spanning 3 collections and 44 categories

1.1 Digital

620+ sounds

14 categories

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1.2 Life

975+ sounds

16 categories

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1.3 Essentials

700+ sounds

14 categories

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Designed specifically for

Motion Artists - Our sound design library has been designed with animators and motion designers in mind. Adding sound to the array of movements we see on screen is no easy feat, and having a sound design library that meets your needs is a must have.

Film-Makers - Creating films is about more than just capturing beautiful photography. The final product must match the visual, with rich and dynamic audio. Sound effects can play an important part in any film-makers tool set.

App developers - Creating great UX is about more than great design, you also need great sound. Every button, every transition and loading screen can be made richer with subtle sound design. This library creates the tools to meet this challenge.

Take a peak inside

Episode of 1: A behind the scenes account of the creation of Motion Sound Volume 1. How the artists came together, and why this library was made.


Variants - We believe that a great sound design library has an array of original concepts, and many slight variations on those concepts. You want a woosh effect, but you also want 30-40 variations of a woosh, or else your library will get stale, and fast. We wanted Motion Sound Volume 1 to provide value for years to come, and with our variants on many key concepts, it will do just that.

Loopable Sounds - Some sounds will exist on your final mix in a subtle and underlying way. In these instances it’s important to have them cleanly loop. In Motion Sound Volume 1, you’ll find loopable sounds that can give you maximum flexibility when the occasion calls for it. Just another attempt on the part of our team to provide maximum value to our end users.

Organization - The biggest challenge with a sound design library is organization. When it comes to explaining sound concepts at a glance, things can often get subjective. We’ve worked hard to create an organizational structure that is descriptive and literal. So that when you’re under a tight deadline, finding the right sounds can come quickly and easily.

High Quality - Each sound in the library has been crafted for ease of use within your works. Only the highest quality wav and aif files are contained within these kits.

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Andy Martin

Professional sound design was always something I wanted to incorporate into my work. However, near the end of every project, I had a "maybe next time" mentality, because finding the right sound was always a pain. When Motion Sound was released, adding it to my toolbox was obvious. All the sounds I needed, and all in one place. I was sold.

Testimonial from Motion Sound User

Brent Clouse

I purchased Motion Sound for an animated video I knew needed an extra layer of polish, and having sound design was the key. Since then, I've been using the sound library for nearly every client I work with, and everyone has been more than happy with the results.

Testimonial from Motion Sound User

Derek Swanson

Motion Sound has been a complete time saver. Coming towards the end of a project, I was always scrambling trying to search for specific sounds. Having this entire library has made this part of my projects not only more efficient but 100 times more enjoyable. I can focus on using the right high-quality sounds vs having to spend countless hours searching databases.

Testimonial from Motion Sound User